Run On, Friends

I cannot believe it’s been a month since I even looked at my blog.  Spring is always incredibly busy for our family; Addison is on the tennis team, academic teams, and in We the Youth (a leadership program).  Gary and I have been training for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon that takes place next weekend, and in the past two weeks, have decided to put our house on the market.  So we’ve added ‘Operation Sell Our House’ to our already packed spring.  You know how we all learn to live with things in our houses that need to be fixed, painted, or removed?  Then you decide to sell that house, and suddenly you’re inundated with an endless to-do list.  That’s where we are – fixing and planting and painting and decluttering.  I have to say that last weekend, when we had a couple coming to look at our house, we worked our tails off, and the place was cleaner than it had ever been, and it was all clean at one time – even my teenager’s room and closet!  What a great feeling.  Too bad it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Anyway, enough on our house (unless you are interested in a lovely home surrounded by 54 acres of woods, then I can provide all the details you want!).  The Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (13.1 miles).  I ran it last year 12 weeks after having a hysterectomy, and for me, I ran it very well: 2:05, which was a 9:37 pace.  It was one of those rare races when the stars aligned perfectly.  I felt great; the weather was perfect; my friends were there; and my legs didn’t disappoint me.  As this year’s race approaches, I can feel the anxiety building.  I want to be able to run it as well as last year, but maybe the stars will be out of wack that day.  Maybe my stomach will not cooperate.  Maybe the weather will suck.  I have trained well, and have had some strong runs, so I will have to accept that I did what I could, and take whatever time I get.  I know that the energy of the other runners – all 17,999 of them – will provide a major boost, and the fan support at this race is amazing.  There is entertainment along the way, and my husband will also be running.  And I will say lots of prayers this week!  God, give me strength…

Tomorrow I am going to Clarksville, Tennessee to become certified to teach Zumba.  I have been going to Zumba classes in Hawesville since last summer, and have thought about teaching for awhile.  I finally decided to take the plunge.  It sounded reasonable a couple months ago when I registered; now I am wondering if I am just too old for it.  I love the classes, but can I lead them?  I am almost certain I will be the only grandmother at the training.  And then there is the fear that I will injure myself and be unable to run next weekend.  That would not be good.  I am sure that I will have much to write about the training; I just hope it isn’t from the ER!

This past Monday was the Boston Marathon – the most prestigious marathon in the world.  IN THE WORLD!  And my friend, Kim Strobel, ran it.  What an amazing accomplishment to be a part of that race.  My third graders tracked Kim’s progress on BM maps, and were so excited each time we got an update on her run.  This year the temperature in Boston hit a record high, the upper 80s.  This is not good for runners whose bodies have not had a chance to adjust to running in the heat.  In fact, it’s downright dangerous.  The marathon officials even recommended that unless runners were in the elite category, or very marathon-experienced, they should consider not running.  After training for months, flying to Boston, and spending money on accommodations, do you think many backed out?  I don’t think so.  Kim didn’t.  She ran Boston, and she ran it like a gazelle!  Her time:  3:43:12.  Her pace:  8:30.  WOW.  For us average runners, that’s super fast.   Yet I also know that had the temperature been lower, she would have run faster.  Kim spoke with several runners afterward, and all said their times were much slower than previous races.  As I told Kim before she left, running Boston is a huge feat in itself.  Whether she ran it fast or crawled across the finish line, I am so proud of her.  What a great inspiration and a wonderful representative of Tell City.

I hope that you are meeting your goals and taking time for yourself.  Sometimes it takes some creative scheduling, but it’s worth the effort.  Running has gotten me through some extremely stressful days, and has given me time to process my days.  Take the time – you’re worth it!


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